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Treat your skin to the purifying power of charcoal.


A mineral-rich clay mask designed to help absorb oil, reduce pore size, and detox skin for a smoother, brighter complexion. This luxurious mask is made with activated charcoal and kaolin clay to purify the skin, while glycerin helps it stay hydrated, soft, and smooth.30 mL​​​​​​



    This mask is a refreshing powerhouse of detoxifying and purifying features, including activated charcoal to help reduce impurities, bentonite to aid in the removal of excess oil, and kaolin to soothe and refine. The result? Clearer, brighter skin that feels clean, clear, and fresh.

    Activated charcoal is a highly active detoxification agent that conjugates toxins, so they become water-soluble, thus less active and more easily removed. Our mineral-rich clay mask helps reduce pore size while Glycerin helps skin stay hydrated for a soft, satiny glow. Formulated to absorb sebum and remove impurities, leaving your skin less congested with decreased oxidative stress due to antioxidant protection.

    This clay mask is perfect for deeper cleansing treatments without stripping skin of essential moisture. Use as a weekly at-home treatment before bedtime.

  • Use: On a clean face, apply a thin layer for 5-10 minutes then gently remove. Can be used daily.

    Pro Tip: Cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying the mask to amplify absorption and effectiveness. Use in combination with other products in the Osmosis Blemish Prone line for maximum benefits.

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